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Unfortunately, children are, many times, the ones most impacted by a divorce and decisions regarding child custody are often necessary following a split. Having custody over a child brings about numerous rights and responsibilities. You have access to medical, psychological, and educational records, authority regarding where they live and attend school, are able to make important medical decisions, and more.

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Sole & Joint Conservatorships in Texas

In the State of Texas, child custody is referred to as a "conservatorship," and the parent who has custody over the child is referred to as a "conservator." There are two types of conservatorships, known as a joint managing conservatorship (JMC) and sole managing conservatorship (SMC). Because the best interests of the child are the top priority of family law courts, they will assume that continued contact with both parents is usually the best situation, and that both spouses should share the parenting rights and duties. If possible, it is typically better for both parents to come to a written agreement regarding child custody rather than having a court make this decision.

When making child custody decisions, family law courts may consider the following factors:

  • Physical suitability of the home
  • Physical and mental health of each parent
  • Emotional ties between each parent and their child
  • The child's reasonable preferences
  • Evidence of abuse, neglect, or alcohol/drug abuse in the home

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