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Russ did an awesome job. He made sure we always understood everything, he did what he said he would do, he kept us informed on what was going on with our case. He let us know that he cared for his clients and he would do all he could do for us. He proved that to be true.


I could not be happier to have decided on Russ. He's just an awesome guy to work with. You will come away from the experience, not just impressed by his knowledge and tenacity, but also feeling like you've got a real friend in your corner. He's a great guy to talk to, just in general, not just about your case.


Russ Baker is one fine attorney. If I ever had a question, I always knew that if I texted or called, he seemed to drop everything and devote all his attention to me because he likes to help people!


Russ represented me in a criminal suit where he put together a solid legal strategy that proved successful. I had never dealt with the criminal justice system and was fearful they would chew me up and spit me out. He was very methodical in handling my case and in the end, got me out of a serious jam.


I couldn't of ask for a better attorney!! Mr. Baker and Lisa Sloan are the very best. They kept me informed and answered all of my questions quickly and honestly. Thank you both for your time and hard work.

Shandi Hall

Excellent attorney! He kept me informed and was always available to answer my questions about every aspect of my case. His clerk, Lisa is great too! Highly recommend!

Kerissa Kay Shipp

During what I consider the lowest point in my life my brother thankfully referred me to Mr. Russ Baker. I was facing extremely serious felony charges by the Dallas Police Department. I knew wholeheartedly that the two (2) felony counts of assault on a public servant were fabricated by the DPD; however, I also knew the cards were stacked against me since it was the Police making the accusations. Russ Baker let me know from day one that he believed in my recollection of the events and that he was going to work tirelessly to ensure justice prevailed. Around every corner Mr. Baker was faced with obstacles (i.e. No video, no witnesses). He stayed positive and continually assured me he was going to find a way to prove my innocence. Mr. Baker never once entertained the prosecutions attempts to have me plea to lessor charges because he knew those charges would have negatively impacted my career. After 2 long years I was finally provided my day in court. Russ Baker could not have been more calculated and professional throughout the entire trial process. Beginning with his educated jury selection criteria, and then on to his thorough examination of all six "Dallas Police Officers". Mr. Baker was able to find conflicting recounts in many of the Officers reports, and more importantly he was not shy when it came time to call each of them out in front of the jury. He even uncovered one police report about the alleged assault which was signed by a transport officer not even present at the time of the event. The jury deliberated for 10 minutes before returning a unanimous NOT GUILTY verdict. I am convinced that without the relentless pursuit of justice provided to me by Russ Baker over 6 years ago I would not enjoy the extraordinarily happy life I have today. Thank You Sir!

Satisfied Client

I found Mr. Baker on Avvo, When I first consulted Mr. Baker I asked him, will you be defending my wife or your team/assistants, Mr. Baker assured me he would defend my wife himself, which he did 100%. He was always available to answer all my questions, weekdays & weekends via phone call, email, & text, not once I had to worry about what was going on, in addition to being above my expectations, he was personally there for us too, when my wife's grandmother passed away, Mr. Baker didn't waste any time & went personally to the jail to offer his support to my wife, which I didn't think attorneys cared so much. I have to say, Mr. Baker got my wife the best possible outcome considering all her cases, and even after his services were not due any longer after the settlement of her case, Mr. Baker still kept in contact and answered whatever additional questions I & my wife had. Can't say I've met an attorney who goes so beyond in support as Mr. Baker. I hope in the future we won't need an attorney, but if either of us do, Mr. Baker would be my top preference. Thank You Mr..Baker for all you did for us, & continue doing. A+

Satisfied Client

Russ Baker is ONE FINE Attorney --- the following points are offered as evidence….. • When I first met Attorney Russ Baker, he said “he liked to help people”. • When I was initially in jail, he came to see me the very next day. • Always felt like I was his only client, like he always had plenty of time to talk to me. Never felt rushed. Some attorneys make it very obvious that they are busy, that they don’t have time to sit around and chat. But he genuinely cares! • Would always call and keep me 100% up to date • Many 20+ minutes conversations – even after hours. • Spent his own money subpoenaing two police officers for my trial. • Stood up and fought for me, for my life, my freedom. • Has a commanding presence in court room. • Managed to get many charges dropped. • Gave excellent advice. • If I would ever call or text him, he would always reply immediately (Always available). • Very nice, likeable guy, very personable, down to Earth, but when it comes time for court, his claws come out and he fought for me. . . which is why I am currently sitting comfortably in my living room, instead of a jail cell. • If I ever had a question, I always knew that if I texted or called, he seemed to drop everything and devote ALL HIS ATTENTION TO ME – because . . . “he likes to HELP people”!

Satisfied Client

Russ is an attorney who when you sit down to discuss your future and livelihood with due to decisions that have been made to put them in jeopardy, you realize how passionate and dedicated he is to representing you as a client. My freedom, my loved ones, my job, and everything I knew was at risk of being taken away and Russ makes you understand how important those concerns are to him as well. He is extremely aggressive in exhausting all possibilities and outcomes to you so you know what to expect moving forward which made sleeping at night easier instead of always ending with doubt and concern. Russ has an extreme desire to win his cases when he chooses to represent his clients. Losing is something I never felt was a possibility when I needed his services. Watching Russ in the courtroom stand up for you and your freedom is something I will never forget. I have had the privilege of his representation over the course almost 10 years due to a lengthy probation term I was put on which he was not involved with in the beginning or else I am confident that outcome would have turned out much different as well. Over the course of 10 years a lot can happen and Russ was there every time with an army of knowledge and outcomes for us to decide on. He makes you feel like you and him are in control of the outcome in your case. Russ became a mentor to me throughout the battles we faced in the court room. I made it through the lengthy probation term and owe everything to Russ for representing me. I could go on and on about my experiences and hope this helps whoever is in search of an attorney. Although my need was just for criminal I can only imagine how his services would be in any other need for him to represent you. Once again I give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation along with my entire family to Russ Baker.

Satisfied Client

The level of professionalism from Russ Baker was second to none. From beginning to end I have felt comfortable and secure with your judgement and I have nothing but praise and recommendation for your assistance with my case. I am writing to thank you for the outstanding work you did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. You were superbly efficient, professional, and positive. Your foresight on all matters on my case were truly remarkable. Throughout my case, you were always very quick to respond, made yourself available during times that most would consider after hours and you were always patient in explaining the status and details/developments of my case. You always seemed to be one step ahead of the prosecution and the reason I'm not writing a different review from behind bars. This entire experience was a were able to get me through it by achieving the best case scenario possible. Once again heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Satisfied Client

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