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Marble Falls, TX Divorce Lawyer

Marble Falls, Texas asset division and spousal support lawyer

Attorney for Property Division, Spousal Support, and Child Custody in Marble Falls

Couples who get married usually plan to be together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, these plans do not always work out, and a marriage may break down because of infidelity, disagreements about financial issues or children, or a couple deciding that they are no longer compatible. When a couple chooses to end their marriage, they will need to take steps to separate their lives from each other and establish new living arrangements, while also making sure they will each have the financial resources to support themselves. These issues can become even more complicated if a couple has children, and parents will also need to determine how they will handle legal and physical custody of their children moving forward. To make sure all legal and financial issues will be addressed correctly, a spouse will need to secure representation from a skilled divorce attorney.

The Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC offers legal help and representation to those who are involved in the divorce process, and we work to help our clients resolve their disputes effectively while ensuring that their rights are protected at all times. Attorney Baker can put his 16+ years of experience to work for you, advising you of your legal options and aggressively advocating on your behalf when negotiating a divorce settlement or pursuing litigation in family court.

Addressing Divorce-Related Issues in Marble Falls, Texas

Couples have multiple options for resolving disputes during the divorce process. In many cases, spouses are able to negotiate a divorce settlement, or they may use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration. If a settlement cannot be reached, litigation may be necessary, and a divorce trial may take place in which each spouse will present evidence, call witnesses, and make arguments, and a judge will make the final decisions on all outstanding issues.

Regardless of the methods used to resolve disputes, we can provide representation during the divorce process, helping spouses address issues such as:

  • Asset division - All of the community property that a couple owns will need to be divided between the spouses. This property may include money in bank accounts, physical possessions such as household furniture or vehicles, the marital home or other real estate property, retirement accounts and benefits, and valuable items such as jewelry or collectibles, as well as debts owed by the couple. We work to help our clients divide property in a way that protects their financial interests. We also help business owners understand how they can take steps to protect a family business and make sure it can continue operating following their divorce.
  • Spousal support - If one spouse earns the majority of the family's income, the other spouse may need financial assistance to ensure that they will be able to meet their ongoing needs following their divorce. We work with spouses to determine whether spousal support will be a factor in their divorce while making sure the law is followed correctly when determining the amount and duration of support payments.
  • Child custody - Spouses who share children will usually be able to serve as joint managing conservators, although sole managing conservatorship may be appropriate in some cases. Parents will also need to determine where children will live the majority of the time and when they will spend time with each parent. We help parents create child custody agreements that will provide for the best interests of their children while protecting their parental rights.
  • Child support - We help our clients understand their obligations to support their children financially, and we ensure that the correct calculations are performed to determine child support based on parents' incomes and financial resources. We also work to make sure parents will be able to divide child-related expenses such as medical costs, child care expenses, and educational expenses.

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