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Llano County Divorce Mediation Attorney

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Certified Advanced Mediator for Divorce and Family Law Cases in Llano, Marble Falls, and Johnson City

The divorce process can be long and complicated, and spouses may encounter a variety of disputes as they work to resolve the legal issues that must be addressed in order to legally end their marriage. While some divorce cases may be resolved through litigation in court, this is usually not the preferred approach. A divorce trial can be lengthy and expensive, and neither party may be satisfied with the decisions made by a judge. To maintain more control over the outcome of a divorce and reach decisions that are satisfactory for both parties, couples may want to consider using divorce mediation to reach a settlement.

The Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC provides mediation services in divorce and family law cases, as well as representation for divorcing spouses who are planning to use mediation or other methods to resolve divorce-related issues. Attorney Russ Baker is a certified advanced mediator, and in addition to receiving extensive training in mediation methods and practices, he has served as a mediator in numerous cases, helping divorcing couples, unmarried parents, or other family members resolve their disputes effectively.

The Divorce Mediation Process

In some cases, a couple may voluntarily choose to use mediation, or the judge in their case may order them to participate in mediation to resolve any outstanding issues in their case. During mediation, a couple will agree to work together to create a divorce settlement that fully addresses all of the legal and financial issues involved in the end of their marriage, as well as any matters related to their children. They will do so by working with a neutral mediator who will help them understand the issues that need to be addressed and assist in reaching decisions that both parties can agree on. A mediator will have training in dispute resolution methods, allowing them to facilitate discussions in a positive and effective manner.

The mediator will not have any authority to determine how issues should be resolved, but they can provide guidance on how the law addresses certain matters and offer suggestions on how the parties can find workable solutions. The spouses will have complete control over all decisions they make, and they must both agree on the terms of their divorce settlement. This will encourage them to cooperate to address their legal issues and make compromises as they work to resolve matters related to the division of marital property, child custody, child support, and spousal support.

When using mediation, spouses can often complete the divorce process more quickly. Mediation sessions may last for a few hours at a time, and a couple can schedule as many sessions as will be necessary to resolve their outstanding issues. Since mediation is confidential, spouses will be encouraged to discuss issues openly and make sure their concerns will be addressed. By agreeing to cooperate and work together, each spouse can consider the other's wants and needs, allowing them to find solutions that they will both be satisfied with. Once all issues have been addressed, and a final divorce settlement has been created, the spouses will attend a hearing where their divorce will be finalized.

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Attorney Russ Baker can serve as a highly-qualified and experienced mediator for divorcing couples, and he also provides representation for divorcing spouses, helping them understand their rights and advising them on how to reach a divorce settlement that will meet their needs. To schedule a consultation, contact our office at 325-216-2006. We provide divorce mediation and representation in Llano, Llano County, and surrounding areas in Central Texas, including Burnet, Bertram, Marble Falls, Johnson City, Blanco, Fredericksburg, San Saba, Burnet County, Mason County, San Saba County, Brown County, Lampasas County, Mills County, Blanco County, and Gillespie County.

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