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Fredericksburg, TX Drug Crimes Lawyer

Fredericksburg drug possession defense lawyer

Attorney for Offenses Involving Controlled Substances in Fredericksburg

There are multiple types of drugs that are illegal or are regulated by the government. Possession of these "controlled substances" can result in multiple types of criminal charges. These types of cases are often among the top priorities for many police officers and prosecutors, and defendants who are charged with drug-related offenses can face severe consequences. Defending against these types of charges can be difficult, and it may seem like the deck is stacked against someone who is accused of drug crimes. Fortunately, criminal defendants have the right to legal representation, and with an experienced attorney on their side, they can address these charges correctly and determine their best options for defense.

When addressing drug charges, a defendant should be sure to understand their rights, and a successful defense may be based on violations committed by police officers, such as illegal searches of a person's home or vehicle. At the Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC, we can help defendants understand whether their rights have been violated and ensure that they take the proper steps to address any illegal actions committed by law enforcement officials. With over 16 years of experience as a litigator in many different types of cases, Attorney Baker provides his clients with dedicated representation, helping them resolve their criminal cases successfully.

Drug Possession and Distribution Charges in Fredericksburg, Texas

In many cases, those who are arrested for drug crimes will be charged with "simple" possession of controlled substances. This offense may apply if police officers allegedly found that a person was carrying illegal drugs. Officers may also search a person's home, vehicle, or other property, and if they uncover any controlled substances, this may lead to drug possession charges. However, if a search uncovers large amounts of a drug, multiple different types of controlled substances, materials used to package and distribute drugs such as scales or small baggies, or equipment used to manufacture illegal substances, a person may be charged with the more serious offense of distributing or manufacturing controlled substances.

In Texas, controlled substances are categorized into multiple different Penalty Groups. The charges in these cases will be based on the Penalty Groups of the drugs they allegedly possessed, and charges will increase depending on the amount of drugs involved. The most serious offenses involve substances in Penalty Group 1, and these drugs include methamphetamines, heroin, morphine, and cocaine. The minimum charge for possession of these substances is a state jail felony, while will apply in cases involving less than one gram of one of these substances. Manufacturing or delivering between one and four grams of drugs in Penalty Group 1 is a second-degree felony. More serious felonies may be charged for higher amounts of drugs, up to a first-degree felony with a maximum prison sentence of 99 years.

Drug charges may involve other types of drugs, including:

  • Marijuana - Possession of four ounces or less will result in misdemeanor charges. A person may be charged with a state jail felony in cases involving possession of up to five pounds or delivering more than one fourth of an ounce. More serious felony charges will apply for larger amounts.
  • LSD - This drug is included in Penalty Group 1-A. Possession, manufacture, or delivery of less than 20 units or doses of this substance is a state jail felony. Possession of between 20 and 80 units is a third-degree felony, and manufacturing or delivering 20-80 units is a second-degree felony. More serious felony charges will apply for larger amounts.

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Attorney Russ Baker will make sure you take the correct steps to defend against charges involving drug crimes. He will help you determine your best options, including looking at whether you may qualify for diversion programs by receiving treatment for drug abuse. To arrange a complimentary consultation, contact us today at 325-216-2006.

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