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Fredericksburg Family Law Attorney

Fredericksburg, TX paternity and CPS attorney

Lawyer for Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity, and CPS Cases in Fredericksburg, TX

Family-related legal matters can be very stressful for those who are directly involved, as well as other family members or people close to them. Family courts may address issues involving the dissolution of a couple's marriage, the relationships between parents and children, or a variety of other matters that affect family members. Those who are not familiar with the procedures followed in these cases will often be concerned about how they can protect their rights and avoid negative decisions that may affect them both currently and in the future. To ensure that these issues are addressed properly, those who are involved in family law cases will need to make sure they have legal representation from a qualified and experienced lawyer.

The Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC offers skilled and dedicated representation for people who are involved in family law proceedings. With over 16 years of experience and a history of providing strong representation and advocacy for his clients, Attorney Russ Baker can help family members address their legal issues effectively. He makes sure his clients understand their rights and options at all times, and he works to help them find workable solutions that will allow them to maintain important family relationships as they move forward with their lives.

Representation in Family Law Cases in Fredericksburg, Texas

We assist with a wide variety of legal matters involving family members and family courts, including:

  • Divorce - When dissolving their marriage, spouses will need to address multiple types of issues related to their finances and the property they own. We work to help spouses resolve disputes related to the division of community property, including addressing business ownership and retirement accounts and pensions. We also help spouses address issues related to spousal support. We can work to negotiate a divorce settlement when possible or help our clients resolve disputes through divorce litigation.
  • Child custody - Parents who get divorced will need to create a parenting agreement that details how they will share legal custody and how they will divide physical custody or possession of their children. In addition to helping address these issues during the divorce process, we also work with unmarried parents to establish child custody orders. We can also ensure that child support obligations are established based on the decisions made about child custody.
  • Paternity - If a mother is not married to the father of her child, paternity will need to be established to ensure that the child will have the right to receive child support. Establishing paternity will also allow child custody orders to be created, and it provides other benefits for the child and the father.
  • Prenuptial agreements - A couple can establish a legal agreement that will detail how certain issues will be handled if they get divorced. We work with couples to create agreements that eliminate uncertainty and address issues such as property division or spousal support.
  • Child Protective Services - When CPS performs an investigation or takes action to remove a child from their parent's home, we provide representation to ensure that parents will be able to protect their rights and maintain good relationships with their children. We can also help grandparents who are involved in these cases determine how to provide for their grandchildren's best interests.
  • Alternative dispute resolution - Attorney Baker is a certified advanced mediator, and he also provides certified advanced arbitration services. We work to help the parties in family law cases resolve disputes outside of court.

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