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Marble Falls, Texas Drug Charges Defense Lawyer

Marble Falls, TX criminal lawyer for drug possession or distribution

Attorney for Charges of Drug Possession, Distribution, or Manufacturing in Marble Falls

Even though attitudes around certain types of substances have changed in recent years, the so-called "war on drugs" continues to be a priority for law enforcement. This means that people may face serious criminal charges in any cases involving controlled substances. Police officers are likely to perform arrests if a person is suspected of possessing or distributing drugs, and prosecutors will often pursue the maximum charges against a person. Even if small amounts of a substance are involved in a case, a person may face felony charges. A conviction may result in a person being sentenced to time in prison, fined thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, and required to serve probation or receive treatment for substance abuse. To avoid or minimize these consequences, a person will need to receive representation from an attorney who has experience with drug-related matters.

The Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC advocates on behalf of clients who are facing criminal charges, helping them determine their best options for resolving these matters successfully. Attorney Russ Baker has been representing clients in multiple types of legal cases for more than 16 years, and he is prepared to fight for the rights of criminal defendants who have been charged with drug crimes. If you have been arrested on drug charges, he will work to build an effective defense strategy and ensure that you will be able to achieve a positive outcome to your case.

Drug Crimes Involving Possession, Distribution, or Manufacture of Controlled Substances

The specific charges that a person may face will depend on how the substances involved in a case are classified. The severity of the charges will depend on the amount of drugs found in a person's possession, as well as whether a person was involved in manufacturing, selling, transporting, or distributing controlled substances.

Drugs that are classified in Penalty Group 1 will result in the most serious consequences. These include "hard drugs" such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. A person may face drug possession charges if police officers find these substances on their person, in their home, or inside their vehicle. Possession of less than one gram of these drugs is a state jail felony, and a conviction may result in a prison sentence between six months and two years. Possession of one to four grams is a third-degree felony, which carries a prison sentence between two and 10 years. Possession of four to 200 grams is a second-degree felony, and a person who is convicted may be sentenced to between two and 20 years in prison.

While "simple" drug possession charges may apply in some cases, a person who was found in possession of higher amounts of a substance may be accused of possession with intent to distribute. Charges of drug manufacture or delivery may also apply if a person allegedly possessed equipment that could be used to manufacture drugs or other items involved in the sale or distribution of drugs, such as scales or packaging materials. These charges may also be based on claims that a person transported, sold, or otherwise provided controlled substances to others. Drug distribution charges will result in more severe penalties than in drug possession cases. For drugs in Penalty Group 1, manufacturing or delivering one to four grams is a second-degree felony, and first-degree felony charges will apply in cases involving between four and 200 grams. A first-degree felony conviction carries a prison sentence between five and 99 years.

Cases involving drugs in other penalty groups, including marijuana, LSD, or prescription opioids, will often carry lesser charges. Possession or distribution of some types of drugs may result in misdemeanor charges. However, felony charges will usually apply in cases involving larger amounts of a controlled substance.

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If you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, drug distribution, or another offense related to controlled substances, Attorney Russ Baker can provide the legal representation you need. To get legal help as you defend against drug charges, contact our office at 325-216-2006 and set up a free consultation today.

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