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3 Things to Do if Texas Child Protective Services is Investigating You

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Llano, TX Child Crimes Defense AttorneyAccusations of child abuse are easy to make but very difficult to fight. No matter how sincerely you believe you are innocent, however, it is necessary to take accusations seriously because an investigation from Texas Child Protective Services can have a seriously negative impact on your relationship with your children. Many people believe that being cooperative with Child Protective Services is the best way to get a case dropped but unfortunately, that is not how it works. Your best hope for fighting unwarranted investigations from Texas CPS is having an experienced attorney who knows how to defend your parental rights. Here are three tips for how to behave if you have just learned that Texas CPS is investigating you. 

Ask What the Charges Are

Social workers will often be intentionally vague about the specific charges against you, but you have the right to know exactly what the details of the accusations are. Do not accept vague charges of abuse or neglect; these are general categories that are not meaningful or specific. You should know exactly what you are being accused of so you can justly defend yourself. 

Do Not Talk to CPS Unless You Have Your Attorney Present

You do not need to let a CPS worker into your home unless they have a warrant. Even if they make threats that your children will be taken away, hold your ground. Ask to see a warrant and if they cannot show you, do not let them in. Do not answer questions because your answers can be misconstrued against you. You may feel as though you have nothing to hide and, as such, should have no problem talking to a social worker. But social workers are often unfairly cynical about parents and may only be looking for evidence that supports their case against you. Only speak to them with an attorney present. 

Be Polite

Although you want to avoid talking to them unless necessary, be polite when you do have interactions. Even if someone shows up and you feel surprised and overwhelmed, behave politely and do not get indignant or angry. The accusations against you may seem ridiculous or offensive, but be firm and stay calm and civil. 

Call a Burnet County, TX Child Protective Services Investigation Defense Attorney 

While Texas Child Protective Services does play an important role in protecting many children in unsafe circumstances, their agenda can also blind them to situations when they are acting inappropriately. A skilled Marble Falls, TX CPS investigation defense attorney can help you defend your side of the story against your accusers and work to protect your parental rights. Call the offices of Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC today and schedule a initial consultation at 325-216-2006


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