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Llano TX divorce attorneyExcessive arguing, financial conflict, lack of commitment, and religious differences are just some of the reasons that couples get divorced. Marriages end for countless reasons, but when you get divorced in Texas, you will need to state one or more “grounds” or reasons for the divorce. There are seven official grounds for divorce per Texas law.

Fault-Based Divorce in Texas

The grounds for divorce vary from state to state. In Texas, a spouse can pursue a fault-based divorce or a no-fault divorce. Fault-based grounds include:

  • Infidelity, meaning that a spouse cheated on the other spouse.


Llano divorce attorneyThe division of a couple’s joint property is often one of the most significant aspects of a divorce, especially in high net worth divorce cases. Whether spouses are able to reach an out-of-court property division settlement or property division is decided by the court, the division of assets and debts should be based on accurate, current financial data. Unfortunately, some spouses attempt to sway the outcome of the divorce in their favor by lying about their assets and income.  

How Spouses Hide Assets in a Divorce

To divide property in a divorce, both spouses must disclose detailed financial information. However, some spouses fail to tell the whole truth.

Some common tactics used to conceal assets or manipulate property division in a divorce include:

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