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shutterstock_558905266.jpgIf you are seeking to establish a conservatorship or you are in the middle of a divorce that involves child custody arrangements, you may find yourself in a situation where a child custody evaluation is ordered. For some parents, this news can be daunting, but when you enter the situation equipped with an understanding of what child custody evaluations entail, you might feel more reassured at the time of the evaluation. 

Child Custody Evaluation Definition 

A child custody evaluation is typically a court-ordered assessment used to look closely at a child's family dynamics and living environment. However, evaluations can also be requested by a parent or parents. Either way, a child custody evaluation can be thought of as a test of reassurance in which the court seeks confirmation that the living arrangements and home environment of a child or children are safe for them. Child custody evaluations are often ordered in situations regarding parenting plans or prior to conservatorship decisions in Texas. 

Other possible reasons for a child custody evaluation may include the following: 

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