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Charged with DWI After Driving on Painkillers 

 Posted on November 22, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Llano County, TX DWI lawyer

Being charged with (Driving While Intoxicated) DWI in Texas can be a frightening experience. While most people associate such charges with driving while intoxicated with alcohol, DWIs may also be charged when it is believed a person is under the influence of prescription pain medication. If you have been charged with DWI related to prescription painkillers, you need an aggressive legal defense that will safeguard your rights and interests. 

Contacting a high-powered attorney with ample experience in defending clients against such charges will greatly benefit you moving forward. While no two cases are exactly alike, your lawyer will sit down with you, review the charges, and formulate how best to defend your rights and fight for your ultimate vindication. 

DWI Laws in Texas

Of course, Texas has strict laws regarding driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Like every other state in America, if you are found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater, you will likely be subject to arrest. However, it is important to know that driving while intoxicated can also include drugs. More specifically, prescription drugs. Suppose the police officer who pulls you over believes that you are intoxicated in any way, regardless of whether it is drugs or alcohol, you will likely be arrested and face criminal charges.

Prescription Medications and DWI

Driving under the influence of prescription painkillers can impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely. Even if you have a valid prescription, it is essential to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider and be aware of any warning regarding driving or operating machinery while taking the medication. 

If you are charged with DWI while on painkillers, it is important to take your situation as seriously as if you were facing charges related to drunk driving. In many states, such as Texas, drugged driving is taken as seriously as drunk driving. Therefore, setting forth a robust defense strategy is among the wisest things you can do at this time, as not doing so will likely make your already bad situation a whole lot worse.

Contact a Llano County, TX DWI Defense Attorney

Facing a DWI charge related to driving on painkillers is a serious matter that requires immediate attention and aggressive legal representation. Contact the Llano, TX DWI defense lawyer with Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC for the best in the business. Call 325-216-2006 for a private consultation. Get the help you need today.

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