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How To Get Your License Back After A DWI Arrest

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Llano County, TX DWI lawyerDriving while intoxicated is penalized in Texas by both administrative and criminal penalties. The state has the right to revoke or suspend your driver's license if you were found guilty of DWI. You cannot drive if your license has been suspended. Additional criminal charges may be brought for driving any vehicle while operating with a suspended license. If a DWI caused you to lose your license, you might be able to get it back and drive legally once again.

How To Reinstate Driving Privileges After a Suspension

The specific measures you must take to get your license restored will vary depending on the specifics of your DWI offense and your criminal history. Not everyone is eligible to have their driving privileges reinstated. If you were found guilty of DWI, you must pay reinstatement fees and provide the Texas Department of Public Safety with documentation demonstrating that you have performed the necessary actions, such as finishing an alcohol and drug education program.


Additionally, someone found guilty of a DWI might need to have their car equipped with an ignition interlock device, which is similar to the breathalyzer or breath test used during a traffic stop. The device monitors the amount of alcohol on the driver's breath when the driver blows into it and the car will not start if the sensor picks up alcohol. The automobile will start up normally if the equipment does not detect any alcohol on the driver's breath.

The Occupational License Route

Many individuals depend on their cars to travel to work, school, or to take care of their kids. Losing their license can result in severe financial and personal hardship. Fortunately, getting an occupational license may be able to help you get your driving privileges back after a DWI. A license that allows you to drive for particular purposes, such as getting to and from work or school or doing important errands, is known as an occupational driver's license or an essential need license.

Contact an Llano County DWI Lawyer 

Charges of drunk driving in Texas may result in the suspension of your license. Contact Llano County DWI defense attorney at the Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC for legal advice if you are facing DWI charges or if your license has been suspended as a result of a DWI. We can guide you through the necessary procedures and clarify what you need to do to regain your license. In order to schedule a consultation, contact our office at 325-216-2006.


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