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Understanding Domestic Violence Defense in Llano, Texas: Your Guide to Protecting Your Rights

 Posted on June 13, 2023 in Criminal Defense

shutterstock_2263273589.jpg Domestic violence is a complex and sensitive issue that affects individuals and families in communities across the country, including Llano, Texas. If you have been accused of committing domestic violence, it is crucial to understand the legal process and seek professional guidance to protect your rights. 

Examples of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence encompasses various forms of abusive behavior. While physical violence is often associated with domestic violence, it can manifest in other ways as well. Examples include:

  • Physical Abuse: Inflicting bodily harm, such as hitting, slapping, kicking, or choking a family member, household member, or current or former dating partner.

  • Emotional Abuse: Engaging in controlling behavior, manipulating emotions, constant criticism, or isolation from friends and family.

  • Sexual Abuse: Forcing unwanted sexual acts or engaging in non-consensual sexual activities.

  • Financial Abuse: Exerting control over finances, preventing access to money, or sabotaging employment opportunities.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Texas

Texas takes domestic violence seriously, and the penalties for convictions can be severe. The specific penalties depend on the nature and severity of the offense, as well as any prior criminal history. Here are the potential consequences individuals may face:

  • Misdemeanor Charges: Domestic violence incidents involving minor injuries or threats may result in misdemeanor charges. The penalties can include up to one year in county jail, fines of up to $4,000, mandatory counseling, probation, and a protective order.

  • Felony Charges: Domestic violence incidents involving serious bodily harm, the use of weapons, or repeated offenses can lead to felony charges. Felony convictions carry more severe penalties, including imprisonment ranging from two to twenty years, fines of up to $10,000, mandatory counseling, probation, and the potential loss of certain rights, such as the right to own firearms.

Contact a Llano Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, LLC may offer you legal assistance if you have been charged with domestic violence so that you can defend against these accusations and deal with problems that impact child custody or other family connections. Our Llano, Texas domestic violence defense attorney will do their best to assist you in resolving these issues in a way that safeguards your freedom, rights, and reputation. 

Call us at 325-216-2006 to set up a free consultation. In Central Texas, we help with criminal matters in Blanco, Mills, San Saba, Fredericksburg, Brown, Marble Falls, Gillespie, Llano, Bertram, Mason, Burnet, Lampasas, Johnson City, Llano, and San Saba counties.



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