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What Should I Do if I Want to Separate But Am Not Sure I Want to Get Divorced?

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Marble Falls The final decision of whether or not to get a Texas divorce is often one of the hardest choices a person can make. There may be good reasons to stay and good reasons to go; you may worry about your kids or whether you can financially support yourself without your spouse. Whether or not you ultimately decide to get divorced, one thing is certain: knowing your options is always a good idea. If you are considering divorce in Texas but are not ready to take the plunge, here are some questions to ask yourself before you make the final decision. 

Can I File for Legal Separation? 

Some states have the option to separate your assets and establish a parenting plan without actually finalizing a divorce. Unfortunately, in Texas, there is no such option available. Instead, you may want to consider one of the following: 

  • Moving out temporarily 

  • Requesting a Temporary Order that allows you to establish custody or alimony arrangements while a divorce case is pending 

  • Requesting a Temporary Restraining Order 

While filing a temporary restraining order is essential for preventing serious harm to some people, be aware that doing so may escalate the tenor of the divorce to something more hostile than you want it to be. Avoid making false or exaggerated accusations, as this can ultimately backfire. Instead, you or your spouse may want to move out and take some time to reconsider what you want out of life and your marriage. 

How Do I Know It is Time to Get Divorced? 

If you move out or establish a temporary order, you may still be wondering whether you want to make it final. While you are ultimately the only person who can make this decision, experts recommend asking yourself the following questions before permanently ending your marriage: 

  • Do you still love your spouse? 

  • Have you made your concerns about the relationship clear? 

  • Do you and your partner have clear expectations of each other? 

  • If there was a way to save your marriage, what would it be - and would you be willing to do it? 

  • Would life really be better without your spouse? 

  • What is preventing you from ending the relationship already?

  • If you have minor children, how could you minimize the harm the divorce might cause them? 

  • How would you handle future communication with your spouse about your children?  

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