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What Should I Do if My Texas University Opened a Title IX Sexual Assault Case Against Me? 

 Posted on May 27, 2022 in Criminal Defense

llano-county-defense-attorney.jpgWhile modern political currents have made it easier for true victims of sex crimes like rape and sexual assault to come forward and seek justice, there has also been an unfortunate increase in false and defamatory accusations based on events that never happened or did not happen according to the alleged victim’s version of the story. All over Texas, young people in college - especially young men - are finding themselves the target of accusations, many of which are false. 

Being accused of sexual misconduct can cause you to feel many things - shock, embarrassment, dismay, and anger being only a few. Unfortunately, a police investigation and criminal charges may only be the beginning; college students accused of sexual assault may also be facing discipline from their university’s Title IX office. 

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney? 

Successfully prosecuting sex crimes is difficult because it often comes down to one person’s word against another person’s word. This is especially true in the university milieu, in which young people often engage in sexual behavior while both parties are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. What feels like an assault to one person may have been the result of insensitivity or boorishness on the part of the other. Moreover, what started as consensual sex acts may, in the sobering light of the next day, become acts that are seen with so much embarrassment or regret that false accusations of assault are made to compensate. 

It is important not to believe such accusations will simply blow over, nor that the person making accusations against you will come to their senses and retract the accusations. Sex crimes in particular carry serious consequences, along with an embarrassing social stigma. Having a criminal defense attorney to help you conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and evidence against you is the safest strategy for building a strong defense case. 

What if My Accuser Only Went to the University and Not the Police? 

It is still a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney with experience in sex crimes defense. Because university students accused of sexual assault do not have essential protections like due process or rules of evidence, University Title IX case outcomes are often based on the gut reaction of the investigator rather than a careful investigation of fact; many students have faced harsh punishments, only to later prove the allegations against them were false. Get ahead of the accusations by hiring an attorney who can help you compile evidence and build a strong case against any possible criminal charges in the future. An exoneration or the police’s refusal to press charges at the criminal level may bolster your claims of innocence in a Title IX investigation. 

Contact a Llano County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney 

A sexual assault investigation can destroy your reputation and put your entire life on hold. Even if you are convinced of your innocence, do not be misled into thinking these charges may just blow over if you cooperate with police. For help fighting charges of sexual assault, call a Llano County sexual assault defense attorney with the Law Office of Russ Alan Baker, PLLC today at 325-216-2006


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